Program Goal:
To provide grant funding to registered UCI clubs/organizations who are interested in planning, designing, and implementing a health promotion program to benefit your organization and other UCI students.

Program Description:
The mission of the UCI Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion is to empower students to make informed decisions to support individual health and a healthy campus environment. As part of this mission, we are providing an opportunity to create partnerships with campus organizations, which will allow students to receive health education in their social settings and environments outside of the classroom. Show us how your organization supports the health and success of its members and other UCI students!

The Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion will be offering three (3) $500 mini-grants to campus clubs/organizations that host a health promotion program that educates both their organization and other UCI students. The funding can be used to expand an existing program the organization already has in place, or it can be used to develop a new program.

All registered clubs/organizations are eligible to apply.

Please chose from the following six (6) areas of health:
a. Alcohol (high risk vs low risk drinking)
b. Other drugs (prescription, marijuana, rave drugs, etc.)
c. Sexual health (birth control, HIV/AIDS and other STI’s, partner communication)
d. Nutrition (eating on a budget, healthy eating, exercise & nutrition)
e. General Wellness (stress management/self-care, time management, financial wellness, sleep)
f. Tobacco (e-cigs/vaping, hookah, enforcing no smoking policy on campus)

Grant recipients (organization board members) will be required to meet with the Assistant Director of the CSWHP at least twice per quarter to discuss the project and its progress. All board members will be required to participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of their project.


Beth England-Mackie, MPH
Assistant Director, Sexual & Relationship Health Program Manager
G319 Student Center

Program Proposal Examples:

  1. Host a De-stress event including healthy snacks and stress management resources on campus.
  2. Provide a creative alcohol education and drunk driving prevention program.
  3. Develop a peer education program around positive sexual health communication (partners both intimate and casual).
  4.  Anti-stigma campaign for mental health or HIV/AIDS.

Application Process:

Complete application and provide a description of your program. Provide as much detail about the event/program as possible, and how it will empower your club/organization and others to promote and/or demonstrate health and wellness.

The applications will be rated by Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion in the following three areas:

  1. Program Creativity- We are looking for program innovation and creativity. How will your program enhance the well-being and academic success of your organization and the larger student body?
  2. Program Reach– How many students will benefit from your program? Is the program sustainable/ replicable (something that can be implemented year after year)?
  3. Relevance- Does your program proposal uphold the mission of the Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion? How does your program promote healthy behaviors/habits?


Fall Quarter- Students will submit their Request for Proposal (RFP), and notified via email if selected for the mini grant by end of the quarter.
Winter Quarter- Students will design and work the logistics of their event/program.
Spring Quarter- Students will implement and complete their program before Week 8. Programs will be attended and evaluated by Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion staff members.

Mini-Grant Guidelines:

1. You must be a registered club or organization to participate.
2. Submit your RFP to Beth England-Mackie by January 10th, 2018
3. Proposals can be emailed or dropped off at the office
4. Funding recipients will be notified by January 31st, 2018.
5. Recipients must implement their program by May 26, 2018.
6. Only one mini-grant will be funded per organization.

Grant Recipients:
Must submit a final report within two weeks post event (report details will be provided).