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The Student Wellness &  Health Promotion Staff, including Peer Health Educators, are available to present, create programs, and facilitate activities to meet your health education needs. The topics we focus on are:

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Step Up UCI! Bystander Intervention Training

Campuses across the county are implementing bystander intervention programs to handle a wide variety of topics and to encourage students to pay more attention to what is happening around them and to intervene when they see something they are concerned about and/or someone needs some kind of help.  UCI has adopted the national Step Up program as a general bystander program, along with the Green Dot Program specifically for sexual assault/violence (Green Dot is managed out of UCI’s CARE Office).

The Step Up UCI! Bystander intervention program operates under the following mantra:

If you see something you are concerned about, say and/or do something.

If you need help, ask for it with confidence and expect to get it.

… or simply

See Something, Say Something, Do Something!

The program encourages students, faculty and staff to use the above mantra to help create a safer, healthier campus environment.

For more information on the Step Up UCI! Bystander Intervention program, visit our program website at:

A training can be requested either through the website or via the Student Wellness & Health Promotion Healthy Tune-Up Request Form.

TIPS Training

TIPS for the University is a 2.5 hour program that helps students make smart choices when faced with difficult decisions about alcohol use.  During the workshop, students address drinking behaviors specific to UCI’s drinking culture and develop intervention techniques appropriate to our campus.

TIPS for the University provides students with the knowledge and confidence necessary to reduce high-risk drinking behavior among their peers.

Students at UCI who have been TIPS trained include Hospitality & Dining concessions staff and Peer Health Educators.

Benefits of TIPS Training:

Decision-making skills that help students weigh the consequences of their actions and those of their peers, and moderate their behavior to avoid problems with alcohol.

Confidence to intervene to prevent alcohol-related incidents on campus such as property damage, injury, underage drinking and drunk driving.

Interpersonal skills that increase students’ ability to intervene in difficult alcohol-related situations.

Respect and concern for others leading to a more positive campus environment.

Leadership qualities that help students influence their peers to avoid problem behaviors.

To request a TIPS training, contact Margaret Valle at or call 949-824-9355.

Alcohol Education

Alcohol Workshop: Whether you choose to drink or not, alcohol may play a role in your college life. This workshop provides tips on how to be smart, stay safe and have a good time when you go out. If you don’t drink alcohol, you will learn practical tools to help out a friend if they have too much to drink. This workshop also takes a look at what the drinking culture really looks like at UCI while dispelling common misconceptions about alcohol.

Marijuana Workshop: This workshop will cover key points to know about marijuana: What is it, exactly? What are the effects? Who uses it and how is it used? How does it affect our environment? What are the current state and campus laws? Students will also explore their own personal influences that have led them to use or not to use.

Prescription & Over-the-Counter Medication Abuse/Misuse Workshop: Unintentional overdose deaths involving prescription medication abuse/misuse has quadrupled since 1999 and now outnumber those from heroin and cocaine combined. This workshop will cover commonly misused/abused medications, current trends and how recognize signs of abuse.

Step Up UCI! Bystander Intervention Program Workshop: The Step Up UCI! Bystander Intervention Program is a workshop that educates students on the theories and research behind bystander behavior and why people often don’t respond the way they want to.

Tobacco (Hookah & Electronic Cigarettes) Workshop

Stress & Time Management

Stress Management & Self-Care Workshop:  Let’s talk about stress and how to manage it with self-care techniques in this interactive workshop. During this workshop participants will get to experience some of these techniques. At the end of the workshop students are encouraged to create their own self-care plan.

Time Management Workshop: Do you ever feel like there is not enough time in the day? This workshops provides tips and strategies to help make the most of the 24 hours in your day and discusses the connection between time management and stress.

Dimensions of Wellness & Creating Balance Workshop: This workshop explores the different dimensions of the wellness wheel. Students will reflect on their own wellness through worksheets, short journal prompts and discussions and learn tools and tips for bettering their health and wellness.

Mindful Meditation, Yoga, and Deep Breathing for Stress Relief: (1 hr or 30 min.) This is an experiential stress relief workshop which consists of a full 1-hour yoga class or a 25 minute chair yoga practice (gentle stretches while seated in a chair, no mats or yoga clothes needed) with the focus on mindfulness and relaxation. 15 yoga mats can be provided upon request. Please email Natalie D’Azzo,, Wellness and Peer Education Programs Manager, to discuss details and location before requesting to book this special class.

Financial Wellness Workshop: This interactive workshop discusses the basics of financial wellness and provides students with an opportunity to create a budget and set financial goals. (Based on the Smart ‘Eaters Life Skills Series Spend Smart program that focuses on eating well on a student budget.)

Sexual Health

STIs/STDs 101  Workshop: This workshop is lecture based and provides an in-depth discussion of Sexually Transmitted Infections including the biology of the infection, incidence, prevalence, and prevention. The workshop also includes tangible information for those who may have a chronic STI or who may be sexually active with a person with a chronic STI, who still want to have a healthy and active sex life.

Birth Control Basics & Reproductive Health Workshop: This lecture based workshop provides detailed information on birth control options for those who wish to delay pregnancy. It provides an overview of each method and also discussions of the benefits and challenges of each method. Also includes samples of different birth control options.

Is it Safe? Is it Sex? Workshop: A fun and engaging discussion on sex and the potential risks of unprotected sex. Join the presenter in creating a “Risk Spectrum,” where you have an open discussion about different real-life scenarios and how to stay safe.

AIDs/HIV 101 Workshop: This lecture based workshop focuses on the basics of HIV infection including the incidence, prevalence, biology of the infection and prevention methods.

“Can we Talk?” Workshop: This interactive workshop dissects common questions that college students have when exploring new relationships. The workshop focuses on helping students build healthy, positive communication skills as they begin to develop deeper connections with other people.


Eating for Energy Workshop: This workshop focuses on how to optimize your diet for ultimate college success. This covers the basics of nutrition and promotes eating to sustain energy.

Healthy Eating on a Budget:  This workshop teaches students how to shop smart and create a grocery game plan that doesn’t break your college bank account.

Positive Body Image Workshop: This workshop offers information and discussion on positive body image. Learn how to appreciate your body-your partner for life!

Emotional Well-being & Spiritual Wellness

Behind Happy Faces: An interactive, peer-to-peer workshop. Better understand mental health. Learn effective coping strategies and tools. Be empowered to help a friend in crisis. Workshops are customizable and are available in 15-90 minute modules.

Vision & Purpose*: Vision created with intention is powerful. Discover your core values and learn to align them with your vision and goals in the context of your whole well-being. Draft your “why” statement and have a better understanding of your purpose.

Resilience & Gratitude: Resilience is strength in the face of adversity/challenges. Learn why building resilience can help students reduce stress, promote well-being, and achieve goals. Discover how to use gratitude as a pathway to embody resilience.


*Follow-up workshop (geared for up to 12 students)/individual consultation can include Vision Boarding/Goal-setting—inquire for more information.

When you request a workshop, we ask that you:

  • Make the request at least two weeks before the workshop date
  • Get a minimum of 12 participants to attend
  • Communicate any changes in needs, logistics, or preferences for the workshop with us
  • Meet the facilitator(s) at the location at least 15 minutes prior to the program

**Please note: If the program does not begin within 10 minutes of the scheduled time or if there is low attendance, the facilitator(s) reserve the right to cancel the program and leave.

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