Objective: to empower students to make informed decisions around alcohol through individual education and outreach programs (educational presentations, events, displays) to foster academic success and overall health and wellness.


Consultations consist of a 45 – 60 minute one-on-one confidential appointment.  Please call 949-824-9355 to make an appointment.


  • Learn About:
    • The Basics of Alcohol- The short and long term effects of alcohol, how to calculate your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), & how to calculate a standard drink size.
    • Harm Reduction Strategies- The importance of having a plan before you go out, & strategies on how to reduce high-risk drinking.
    • Alcohol poisoning (AKA Alcohol Overdose)- Signs and symptoms, how to respond in an emergency.
  • Create Strategies That Work for You:
    • Analyze current drinking habits and create new ones.
    • Utilize harm reduction strategies to reduce high-risk drinking behaviors.
    • Discover healthy alternatives to drinking.
  • Take Action:
    • Medical Amnesty- Make the call, get help, save a life
    • Receive proper referrals, if necessary.


Are you interested in scheduling a fun and interactive workshop for a group of 25 or more on alcohol? Fill out the workshop request form here. Additionally, you may email studentwellness@uci.edu for more information about our Health & Wellness Workshops.

Campus AA Meetings:

Online Tools

eCHUG Online Alcohol Assessment


Concerned about your use or your friend’s use?  Check out these links:

If you have medical concern related to your alcohol use, contact the UCI Student Health Center at 949-824-5301.

If you would like to speak to a counselor, contact the UCI Counseling Center at 949-824-6457.

UC Irvine Campus Police