The 18-24 year old population is the highest risk group for tobacco use. Consistent and prolonged tobacco use is detrimental to health, but even occasional tobacco use can lead to health risks.

Objective: Prevent tobacco use/nicotine addiction through individual education and outreach events that foster academic success and overall health and wellness.

Consultation Topics

Tobacco consultations consist of 45-60 minute one-on-one confidential appointments. Please call 949-824-9355 to make an appointment.

Learn about tobacco-related topics

  • Tobacco/Nicotine Addiction
  • Emerging Tobacco (i.e. e-cigs, vapes, hookah)
  • Tobacco Cessation Strategies/Resources

Develop goals

  • Self Awareness (recognize adaptive vs. maladaptive behaviors, identify triggers, etc.)
  • Design a Plan (change/maintain healthy behaviors)

Create self efficacy

  • Be informed- educate yourself on the latest tobacco related research/trends
  • Be proactive- implement protective factors such as yoga, deep breathing, regular physical activity, limit caffeine, etc.

Take action

  • Pledge to be tobacco/nicotine-free

Tobacco education materials are available to students and campus groups/organizations to aid in program development. Free quit kits are available for students interested in quitting tobacco or for students interested in encouraging a friend to quit tobacco.


Are you interested in scheduling a fun and interactive wellness workshop for a group of 25 or more on cannabis, tobacco, or prescription drugs? Fill out the workshop request form here. Additionally, you may email for more information about our Healthy Tune Up Workshops.

Online Tools

Are you Hooked? Quiz


UCI Tobacco-Free Policy

CYAN College Program

OCTEC (Orange County Tobacco Education Coalition)


Cessation consultations are available upon request

Student Health Center 1-949-824-5301

  • Consultation for OTC Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)/prescription tobacco cessation medication
  • Referrals to additional behavioral counseling

NEW LUNG  1-866-New-Lung         

  • “Just the Facts” 5 Week Tobacco Cessation Program
  • 2—45 minute seminars or 1—90 minute seminar
  • In-person/phone counseling
  • FREE nicotine patches at seminar completion
  • Available throughout South Orange County in English, Spanish, & Vietnamese

Nicotine Anonymous 1-877-879-6422

UCI Medical Center          

Health Education in UCI Manchester Pavilion

  • Stop Smoking Series (four sessions)

California Smokers’ Helpline 1-800-NO-BUTTS

  • FREE telephone program to help you quit, self-help materials, & referral list of other programs


Other Drugs

Objective: to prevent addiction of other drugs such as canabis, over-the-counter, prescription drugs and other illicit drugs.  We aim to increase students’ self-efficacy to make informed decisions regarding their drug use through individual education and outreach programs (educational presentations, events, displays).

AOD Consultations

AOD consultations consist of a 30 – 60 minute one-on-one confidential appointment.  Please call 949-824-9355 to make an appointment.

Discussion topics

Learn about drug-related topics

  • Drug use on the body
  • How to party safe – the importance of having a plan when you go out, strategies on how to reduce high-risk drug use
  • Effects of drug use on academic performance
  • Addiction and overdose – signs and symptoms, what to do in an emergency

Develop goals

  • Replace old habits with new ones

Create strategies that work for you

  • Handle urges to use drugs
  • Build refusal skills
  • Discover healthy alternatives to using drugs
  • Recover if you slip

Take action

  • Make the call, get help, save a life – medical amnesty

Online Tools

eTOKE Marijuana Online Assessment


If you have medical concern related to your alcohol use, contact the UCI Student Health Center at 949-824-5301.

If you would like to speak to a counselor, contact the UCI Counseling Center at 949-824-6457.